Our Founder

Katrina Robertson is the founder and CEO of the Women’s Sports Academy, and is passionate about using her experience as a championship athlete, nurse and psychologist to help the next generation of female athletes pursue their dreams.

From a near-death motorcycle accident in her youth to becoming a world record powerlifter a few years later, Katrina has experienced the highs and lows of life as an athlete and understands the physical and mental strength required to achieve your sporting goals.

Now, Katrina has founded the WSA to help shape the future of Australian women in sport through education, training and mentorship.

Empowering Australian women in sports to thrive on and off the field

About the Academy

The Women’s Sports Academy was founded by Katrina Robertson, a world-record holding powerlifter and experienced psychologist who has worked with athletes and organisations across a range of sports.

Katrina’s first-hand experiences with the transformative power of sport and the existing gender imbalances in Australian sport inspired her to create the Women’s Sports Academy; an organisation dedicated to empowering Australian women to thrive in sports.

WSA coaching and training focuses not just on the physical aspect of sports performance, but also on the mental aspect of athletics and coaching. The high-pressure environment of sports makes an athlete’s mental strength every bit as important as their physical strength, so we work with students to create a growth mindset and develop mental resilience.

We believe that every girl and woman should have the opportunity to participate in sport, as well as the opportunities to succeed in sports-related career pathways. The WSA provides resources, programs and courses relevant for women ranging from athletes and coaches, to administrators and sports media professionals.

Shaping the Future

The gender gap in Australian sports is stubborn, but positive change is happening and we’re here to continue that trend. We believe in creating opportunities for women to stay active and healthy, as well as experience the incredible careers that sports can offer.

Knowledge Sharing

Katrina has walked the walk when it comes to being a championship athlete, as well as working with athletes as a mentor, trainer and psychologist. This extensive knowledge is the foundation for our courses, training and coaching designed to help athletes and women in the sports industry learn and grow.

Community Impact

With Australian women being more likely than men to be insufficiently active (59% compared with 50%), we’re here to encourage women to stay active and healthy to benefit from the physical and psychological benefits of regular exercise.  Our community of female students, graduates and teachers support and mentor other women to become effective leaders and pave the way for positive change.


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